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opgelet! / Hotel Radisson SAS Carlton, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Hotel Radisson SAS Carlton, Bratislava, Slovakia
     It was the matter of prestige to participate and to win on the selection procedure.
We achieved a final aim and we were chosen to suply chandeliers for hotel CARLTON.
     The dominant chandelier with diameter 2,5 m and weight over 200 kg is a vanity of forehall. It is a replica of historical chandelier from the beginig of the 20 - th century.
     The second chandelier is dominanting in congres hall. What is more it is not  only a replica, but  also repaired chandelier with reconstructed original historical frame.
     The whole process consisted of:
- take over of the survival parts from cellar area in hotel
- graphic design from photos of contenporary time
- computer visualization of chandeliers
- draving documentation and consequential production
- installation the crystal chandeliers: L11 913/82/0; Ni and L16 901/09/0; SHADE
     Even Eric Assimakopoulos, the owner of hotel Carlton has not stopped with words of glory.

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